Innovation Factory

Welcome to Firth Steels Limited.

We are the leading manufacturers of an array of specifically designed and engineered steel profiles and products, all of which are manufactured in our state of the art facilities in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.
The majority of the products here are manufactured using roll-forming design and manufacturing techniques.

The products range from varying & various structural steel grades, and therefore is diverse.
The current product portfolio for our clients is currently running at a range of 0.4mm to 10.0mm, and is ever expanding.
These products have been designed and engineered for a specific purpose usually in the construction industry,
but the possibilities for designing & manufacturing other roll-formed products and profiles for a multitude of purposes
is practically endless.
These designs are usually performed to bring the end customer some sort of advantage over more traditional and established shaped products. Such advantages being weight per unit used, strength advantages in profile design,
speed and efficiencies of our fast roll-forming techniques over pressed alternatives, and many other advantages that become clearer from product to product.
Anything that has a uniform cross-sectional shape can be roll-formed at various lengths, and this makes commercial sense when the volume & repetition of an item is sufficient enough to make investment in such an item worthwhile.
This investment, which we undertake on your behalf, serves as a way of improving your product.
In short, we turn our competitive advantage into your own, allowing you to compete and perform better on design,
supply, service, speed, flexibility and other efficiencies.
Within the UK we have arguably the most technically advanced cold roll forming design and production engineering resource available. This has been achieved and sustained through a programme of carefully planned investment.
An almost limitless variety of cross-sections can be produced, subject only to the ingenuity of the roll designer.

The engineering resource within the group is impressive. Our ability in design and manufacture of our own tools and production machinery is unsurpassed in the industry and provides the key for rapid, quality engineered solutions to almost any problem we encounter.
We have developed in-house advanced design and manufacturing systems which multiply the designer's skills and make them accessible to others. We have automated systems that allow full data transfer of ordering protocols down to the manufacturing lines, as well as full traceability of material and a fully certified Factory Production Control System.

Working Together

Our portfolio is strengthened by understanding your business. By working in partnership with you, we have been able to help enhance your product performance, improve your efficiency and help you to create more sustainable solutions. See how, by working together, our products and services really have made the difference.

Firth Steels is an innovation driven company, which combines a personal service for customers with a creative flair for developing new ideas, while caring for the clients it serves.

The Process

1.   We discuss your current steel product and look at what it is used for.
2.   We provide suitable alternatives that have significant weight and design advantages over the previous profile.
3.   We look at alternatives as to how to make that steel profile by roll-forming, pressing or other manufacturing techniques.
4.   We work with leading machinery manufacturers to get a solution that is efficient and works for us and the customer.
5.   We order the machinery, install into our works and start manufacturing your product for you and deliver anywhere in the UK          and the World. All products are vigorously controlled by quality sheets, fully automated systems and our fully certified Factory        Production Control Systems.
6.   We continuously look at ways of adding or improving service and features to your product.


Come and talk to us about your business, the products that you use and how we might improve them for you.
Whether it is the shape of the product itself, its quality and control, how it might be improved and how much faster and more efficiently we can produce it for you.
In turn we will show you round our facilities and how the Innovation Factory really works.