The exterior of a building has to stand strong in even the harshest of weather conditions. the material and coating you choose will be one of the major factors that effect the lifetime of the building.
We understand that every building has different requirements, so with our trusted partners SSAB, we have expanded our range of coatings to the UK market.

To facilitate our long term strategy it was evident we needed a supply chain partner who mirrored our own beliefs, that looked to the future and above all else was assured. What we found refreshingly is that SSAB had the same commitment, resource and above anything else a product portfolio that is actually fit for purpose. Examples include the upgraded 30 year warranted P200 plastisol steel and other new innovative coatings such as the 40 year warranted HIARC MAX and GreenCoat Crown that offer cost effective viable alternatives that outperform the competition.

Thanks to a combination of the highest quality steel from SSAB and a uniquely developed colour coating with a strong focus on the environment, they stand up to nature's every mood. Of course, they also provide roofing companies and installers with a wide range of benefits.


P200 Plastisol
SSAB P200 Plastisol
SSAB P200 Plastisol is a prepainted steel with a 200 micron, leather grain embossed plastisol. P200 combines high wear resistance with high durability against corrosion.

P200 Plastisol is the tried and tested soloution for roof and wall cladding. With and assured corrosion rating of RC5 along with superiour durability when exposed to foot traffic and other roof stresses

P200 Plastisol is the tried and tested soloution for your roofing an cladding requirements.
GreenCoat Hiarc Max
GreenCoat Hiarc Max
GreenCoat Hiarc Max has been specifically designed by SSAB to have superior performance in aggressive environments

The patented colour coating system gives Hiarc Max an assured corrosion resistance rating of RC5 along with an excellent UV rating of Ruv4. This coating offerers extreme resistance to staining and dirt penetration, this is due to its low surface energy.
Hiarc Max has been specifically designed for challenging environments. The coating has been thoroughly tested not just in a laboratory but in external testing stations throughout the world. Locations including Florida and Arizona US, China, Australia, Lisbon POR, Breat FRA, and Bohus-malmon SWE all have testing stations that are being constantly analyzed. 
GreenCoat Hiarc Max is best suited for aggressive, humid or coastal environments.

GreenCoat Crown
GreenCoat Crown BT
GreenCoat Crown BT is an environmentally friendly colour coated system that has been developed by SSAB.
The Bio-based Technology (BT) properties in the coating have been optimized by SSAB to offer a high quality, environmentally friendly roofing and cladding product. The BT coatings refers to the substantial portion of the traditional fossil content found in a large number of coatings being replaced by bio-based components. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology,
Crown BT possesses very good gloss retention and colour fastness, providing good corrosion protection. Crown BT has greater durability than standard polyesters, especially when exposed to foot traffic and additional roof stresses.
The slight texture enables the coating to be used on roof pitches as low as 3 Degrees.

GreenCoat Crown BT is an environmentally friendly coating that offers RC5 corrosion resistance along with very good colour fastness and gloss stability.

Pural Farm
GreenCoat Pural Farm
GreenCoat Pural farm is an organic coating designed specifically for the walls, roofs and ceilings of agricultural buildings. The coating offers a maximum lifetime with minimum maintenance.

The technical properties of Pural Farm have been carefully developed, tested and selected using SSAB Swedish Steels in-depth knowledge of polyurethane based coatings.
GreenCoat Pural Farm is a technically excellent coating, with properties including corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, UV radiation resistance and easy clean properties.

GreenCoat Pural Farm is the best possible organic coating for agricultural buildings that require excellent chemical resistance.