Business Activity

Originally when Firth Steels was set up, it was a stock and trade entity buying steel that was made in various mills and selling it to end users all over the world.

This was 
dependent on steel market knowledge – where to buy a certain product from the right place, at the right time and of course at the right price. Also more importantly knowing the customers, what they used and what they needed in terms of quantities, price & buying patterns.


This meant that all our activity came from other manufacturers, and Firth Steels acted as primarily a trader, using its extensive steel knowledge to generate activity at all levels.

Nowadays, whilst that extensive steel knowledge is still there, 85 to 90% of all our activity is manufactured by ourselves in house using our own designed roll-forming and other manufacturing processes.

These manufactured products and processes we have designed, installed and implemented ourselves using our own engineering skills, and these all exist within our new state of the art production facilities in Brighouse.

Everything we do here is made of steel, and therefore still it is needed to be sourced all over the world in order to supply raw materials and traded products in their various shapes, sizes and grades.

Therefore the traditional steel trading knowledge fully complements our new fresh engineering style – it allows us to manufacture high-end engineering products efficiently and also allowing us to source the steel in the most efficient manner. 

All this enables us to service our customers’ engineering and product needs in a modern, clean and engineered manner whilst also treating them as customers in the old, traditional and respectful manner knowing as people that is important for them.

In today’s ever more competitive and changing markets, Firth Steels continues to look to diversify its product and customer portfolio, by adding value in designing roll-forming processes and products for end users.

We innovate & design. We manufacture & deliver.


For more information as to how we can help you and your company to improve and re-design your metal profiles, please see our Innovation Factory page or contact James Firth.